AMPAdvanced Management Program (AMP)


Advanced Management Program
학습중심의 최고경영자 과정, 최신공학 기술동향 강의, 창조적경영, 기술경영과 인문학의 조화

Dear entrepreneurs and engineers in Ulsan,

The primary purpose of UNIST Advanced Management Program (AMP) is to attain a global level of professors of engineering and natural sciences to introduce the rapidly changing trends of new technologies and to integrate them with management in a creative manner in order to develop new growth engines. Now is the time where production will be combined with ideas to lead new growth.

  • Cultivate the spirit of creative entrepreneurs and discover new growth engines in UNIST AMP.
  • UNIST MOT seeks to contribute to the economy of Ulsan and Korea through AMP.

Course Composition

  • Understanding the Trends of New Technology
    We share a profound and broad range of knowledge in industries that will be new growth engines in the 21st century, including biotechnology, robotics technology, graphene, genetic engineering, and environmental engineering.
    • Status and development of innovative bioscience
    • Case studies of convergence between nuclear technology and industry
    • Development of robotics technology and future robot society
    • Future cities and environmental engineering
    • Secondary battery as an energy source in the age of mobile/wearables
    • How far has the bioengineering industry reached?
    • Graphene, a new material for the 21st century
    • Industry 4.0 and manufacturing industry revolution
  • Creative Management that Creates Values
    Creative management is a new paradigm in management which creates new values by going beyond the framework of past management methods.
    Creative management can increase corporate values and gain a foothold for producing creative human resources.
    • Venture ecosystem and startup strategies
    • Changing management environment and future management
    • Open innovation and disruptive innovation
    • Global era, the way forward for our businesses to take
    • Value of big data and future analysis
    • Finance/accounting strategies for the age of creative economy
    • CRM strategies
    • Digital age, concept of strategy and leadership
  • CEO Development
    Reinforce basic virtues of CEOs and basic capabilities of managers through lectures on various cultures and humanities.
    • Human, design, and management
    • How to build business networks
    • Problem-solving process and understanding
    • Special CEO lectures
  • Liberal Arts Lectures for Couples
    Husbands and wives share liberal arts knowledge such as health, music, and asset management
    • Sudden death, heart surgery, and health checkups
    • Asset management in the age of 100-year life expectancy
    • Life and leadership with music
    • Happy couple life



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