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MOT Family Enterprise Program



The latest global economic situation which is rapidly being converted into an innovation-based economy is requiring constant innovations from businesses.
However, many small/medium businesses and venture companies in Korea still suffer difficulties in acquiring international competitiveness due to poor capabilities for innovations.
Therefore, UNIST MOT has introduced a family enterprise program to reinforce the capabilities of local small/medium businesses and venture companies on innovation in a consistent manner so as to assist them in taking a bold leap forward as global companies with innovative capabilities.

Composition and Benefits

  • Provide educational programs on technological innovation: Provide opportunities for attending classes and lectures provided by UNIST MOT
  • Provide opportunities to participate in seminars and academia-industrial forums on technological innovation
  • Analyze case examples of technological innovation and share outcomes
  • Provide various information including industrial and technological information
  • Provide consulting and build network through regular exchanges
  • Preferential consideration for admission to degree course or non-degree course (AMP) in UNIST MOT
  • Assist with setting goals for becoming a global company and providing total care on technology and management

How to Join

Write application and send via mail or email

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