Institute for Future Industry StrategyInstitute for Future Industry Strategy(IFIS)

Institute for Future Industry Strategy (IFIS)

Institute for Future Industry Strategy

Background of Foundation

  • Needs for developing research and technology in new fields are rising in order to overcome the growth limitations of major local industries and to identify new growth engines
  • As a national institute of science and technology, UNIST aims to present future directions, strategies, and action plans for local industries in order to reinforce its role in leading the development of national industries and to enable a bold leap of Ulsan
  • Ulsan as an industrial capital is the optimal place to rebound Korean industries through industrial innovations

Vision and Purpose

[World-class think tank for future technology & industrial strategies]

Present new industrial paradigms based on science and technology as well as directions for technological innovation for future industries and strategic plans, focusing on the mid- to long-term development of Ulsan, and contribute to discovery of new growth engines and reinforcement of industrial competitiveness for rebounding the local and national economies

Organizational Chart and Core Businesses

조직도 및 중점사업


UNIST Future Industrial Strategy Research Institute

Institute Director
  • Dongseop Kim (Named endowed chair professor of UNIST MOT)
Steering Committee
  • Incheol Bang (Chief of Planning Division)
  • Jaepil Cho (Chief of Research Division)
  • Guyeol Jeong (Dean of UNIST MOT)
Committee of Future Technology
  • Seongcheol Bae (Head of Academia-industrial Cooperation group)
  • Sangyoung Lee (Energy/Chemistry)
  • Jonghwa Park (Bioscience)
  • Jaejoon Kim (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Incheol Bang (Chief of Planning Division)
  • Youngbin Park (Machine/Nuclear Energy)
  • Namhoon Kim (Design/Human Engineering)
  • Bumseok Nam (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Gyeongjin Choi (Department of Advanced Materials Engineering)
  • Joonbeom Bae (Machine/Nuclear energy)
  • Yeonwoo Jeong (Design/Engineering)

Committee of Industrial Strategies
  • Hankyun Woo (Business Administration)
  • Deokyeong Kim (Design/Human Engineering)
  • Youngrok Choi (Business Administration)
  • Incheok Bang (Chief of Planning Division)
  • Daeil Kwon (Design/Human Engineering)
  • Youngchun Kim (Business Administration)
  • Gwanmyung Kim (Design/Engineering)
  • Guyeol Jeong (Director of Business Administration)