AdvantagesFeatures of Graduate School


  • Develop capabilities for multidisciplinary analysis
    • Launch of a wide variety of core subjects which focus on case studies
    • Subjects being launched include organizational behavioral management, technology & innovation management, operational management, competitive strategies, financial and accounting management, and communication
  • Establish an excellent domestic and international cooperation networks
    • Coordinate with prestigious universities in the US, Europe, and Asia to participate in local classes and corporate visits
    • Participate in global internships and projects by coordinating with domestic and international professional institutions
  • Highest level of education
    • Promote quality improvement of education through lectures by foreign experts on the latest topics
    • Invite editors of major overseas journals and foreign scholars to develop useful theories for Korean companies
  • Education that focuses on business sites and practical business
    • Active development of practical projects that focus on domestic business sites
    • Mandatory writing of Capstone report for solving problems in the company