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Overseas Internship Programs

IIP(Innovation Immersion Program)

  • A student-centered consulting program which discusses various topics, such as business model development for new businesses, market analysis, and market entrance strategies, by receiving project orders from actual companies, performing working projects with 8 global companies remotely. UNIST MOT grants the opportunity for all students to participate in this project, and plans to engage UNIST family enterprises in this program

Steinbeis Network

  • A consulting organization for technological commercialization based in Europe. Currently, a program using this network to conduct actual projects on market analysis, market entrance strategies, etc., for Korean companies advancing into Europe is under review by making teams involving companies, Steinbeis consultants, and UNIST MOT students

UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

  • Actual marketability test of technologies that have completed market evaluation is to be conducted with UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology using CET networks. For those participating in the projects, a program for conducting joint projects with local graduate students in MTI(Management of Technology Innovation) of CET is under development

ERCIS(European Research Center for Information Systems)

  • Students engage in research that can be utilized in manufacturing industry, etc., mainly in the field of information systems, by conducting projects remotely.

Domestic Internship Program

  • Link with working-level project (IIP) programs centering on UNIST family enterprises to conduct actual consulting projects (ie. Develop market entrance strategies for commercializing the graphene technology of Deokyang Co., Ltd.)
  • Venturing internship program linked with domestic startups where students can experience actual business tasks and solve problems in a venture environment