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Doctoral Course Subjects

  • Research Methodology
    The primary objective of this course is to learn key issues and approaches of scientific research methodology and provide the theoretical bases to effectively apply qualitative and quantitative research methods in business disciplines. It help students to formulate research questions, do independent literature research, analyze/interpret qualitative and quantitative data, and establish evaluation criteria.
  • Technological Management Research Methodology
    Students will learn the quantitative and qualitative methodologies needed for research in advanced manufacturing, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship, and strategic management of technology. Advanced statistical analysis, experimental design, and simulation used for the analysis of the IP is included as well.
  • Technology Commercialization and Startup Theory Seminar
    Students will discover various complex phenomena associated with technology commercialization and entrepreneurship and learn theories to explain them. Students will utilize concepts from economics, psychology, organizational behavior, and strategy and have to write a paper on a specific research topic at the end of the semester.
  • Industrial Innovation Theory Seminar
    Students will discover technological andbehavioral phenomena associated with the issues that occur when applying big data and ICT to industrial sites. They will solve and explain the issues by using various theories. Students are also expected to write a paper on a specific research topic at the end of the semester.
  • Technology Management Theory Seminar
    This course deals with the applications of recent research and techniques on technology and innovation theories.
  • Strategic Management Theory Seminar
    This course is to discuss strategy theories. Students read major papers and literature about competitive strategy, corporate strategy, corporate governance, innovation, entrepreneurship, growth, restructuring, diversification, M&A, and networks and write a term paper that fills the gap in the existing literature.
  • Advanced Microeconomics
    Students will learn about various theories of microeconomics and write a paper on technology management topics by using microeconomic theory.
  • Advanced Econometrics
    Students will learn the essential statistical methodologies required for doctoral research and experience various approaches of multivariate analysis such as panel analysis.
  • Corporate Finance Theory Seminar
    This course introduces the theory of recent and classic corporate financial management. In particular, it deals with decisions regarding corporate financial management such as capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate valuation. Students will pick a topic of interest among these and write a research paper that describes prior research, data collection, empirical analysis, and interpretation of results and conclusions.
  • Research
    Students write a dissertation based on a proposal, which has been approved by an advisor.
  • Independent Study
    Students perform an in-depth independent study under the guidance of a supervisor.