Introduced major subjectsMajor Subjects

Project Subjects

  • Industry Internship
    Students will experience and gain insight on real technology management problems through internships in domestic enterprises, small and medium venture companies, or UNIST family companies. Students are encouraged to discuss with mentors and advisors before and after the internship, and then turn in a written report.
  • Global Study Mission
    Students will have problem solving in-class discussions, learn the latest information and trends in the field of technology start-ups and IT & industrial big data for half a semester within UNIST, then find solutions to problems that are discovered byvisiting global leading companies, and build a global network at the same time.
  • Global Consulting Internship
    In order to acquire technology management experience from domestic and foreign companies, students will be dispatched or consult on the project of an enterprise.
  • Capstone Project
    This is a project course to solve the real-life problems of businesses. Students will apply the principles of technology management and plan problem-solving through on-site problem identification, problem analysis, site visiting, and identification of solutions. After the completion of the project, students must turn in a written report.